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ROULUNDS Automotive Belts

Dear Customers, We are proud to announce you that we have Roulunds Belts Turkey Distribution.

ALT Auto Tensioner Amerika Fabrikasını Kurdu.

Sayın müşterilerimiz; distribütörü olduğumuz ALT Auto Tensioner Markalaşma ve Globalleşme adına yapmış olduğu çalışmalar kapsamında..

GMB Otomatik Gergi Rulmanları Stoklarımıza dahil olmuştur.

GMB Otomatik Gergi Rulmanları Stoklarımıza dahil olmuştur.



VAHDET TİRYAKİOĞLU is the distributor of world’s well-known companies DAYCO, GMB, ALT and ILJIN. On the other hand we have our own brand called VOE. Therefore, we are very selective in choosing our dealers. Our extensive distribution network of dealers, professional staff, strong stock and product range, with the technical knowledge available in all provinces and districts of Turkey serves the spare parts dealers and service.

Our company continues to be the General Distributor of DAYCO, GMB and ILJIN products which are proven in the world.


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